Post-Conference Workshops

Post-Conference Workshops will be held on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 from 9am - 2pm at the Hilton Columbus Downtown. Registration is required for Post-Conference Workshops and the cost is $25 + processing fees per attendee.

The following Post-Conference Workshops will be offered:

Building and Maintaining Sustainable Organizations - Share and Learn

Who should be on the board; for how long? Do we need staff? What is our focus? Where is the money and how do I get it? Building sustainable trail coalitions (or not-for-profits) is an issue that many trail support groups are struggling with. How do trail groups remain viable for the long term and retain new younger members to continue to support the construction, management and promotion of trails? Join us to share and discuss opportunities and potential pitfalls and learn some of the specific tricks of the trade in building sustainable, successful trail organizations.

This workshop will be facilitated by folks that have had a great deal of experience in this area but the real teachers will be those attending.  At the start of this workshop we will define together areas of focus and through open discussion and sharing discover best approaches and practices.

Speakers: Andrea Boulton, Trails and Greenways Director, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation; Amy Madigan, Greenway and Trails Outreach Coordinator, Illinois Department of Natural Resources; Rory Robinson, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance, National Park Service

Keeping the Greenway Trails Rolling

Explore how multiple agencies with common goals plan, design, build, and manage the Central Ohio Greenways Network. Learn from Franklin County Metro Parks and City of Columbus Recreation and Parks on how they work together to manage over 180 miles of trails. Hear about the highs and lows of trail operations, what they have learned from the success and failures, and what the public's perception of the Central Ohio Greenways trail system is. Also, hear from Jim Schneider as he shares 25 years of practical experience in all aspects of trails.

Speakers: Steve Studenmund, Franklin County MetroParks; Dan Kaderly, Franklin County MetroParks; Brad Westall, City of Columbus Recreation & Parks; Nic Sanna, City of Columbus Recreation & Parks; Jim Schneider 

Reading the River: Charting the Course for Water Trail Projects

From partnerships to planning and from mapping to marketing, it can seem daunting to navigate a water trails project. Work among experts and peers to break down the process, tackle tricky issues, and imagine your best water trail coming to life during this interactive session. 

Speakers: TBA

Explore Trail Towns: Capturing Trail Based Tourism

Take an in depth look at Trail Towns through Kentucky programs and partners who work to implement economic development, recreation and quality of life planning through Trail Towns.  State tourism, local communities, non-profit organizations and the University of Kentucky, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, will discuss the role they have in creating on the ground success you can learn from.                                                                                   

Hear about the Kentucky Department of Tourism’s statewide trail town certification program that demonstrates the process of quality planning and implementation tools to make trail connections.  Learn how regional planning and visioning between community leaders, user groups and residents lets people see their home town with fresh eyes: identifying their best recreational assets, natural areas and opportunities to bring you in and help you stay a while.  See how utilizing UK’s Design Studio Class worked to provide graphic assistance and wayfinding to inform services and amenities for ideal train town efforts.  Local businesses prove that linking multiple partners community planning and to natural resources and recreation brings dollars to your town.                                                                           

After understanding the people and places in play, explore new ideas and engage in discussion on how to revitalize your town into a tourism destination!

Speakers: Amy Camp, Cycle Forward; Russell Clark, National Park Service, Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program; Sharon Tabor, Cave City Tourism & Convention Commission; Helen Siewers, Cave County Trails; Jayoung Koo, University of Kentucky; Chris Hutson, Yellow Springs Brewery; Kentucky Department of Tourism